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Is it more expensive to build a custom home?

It is not necessarily more expensive to build a custom home. In fact, because you control how the money is allocated, you will usually end up with a home that most closely meets your needs and specifications for the money you spend.

How do I finance my custom home before it is built?

Home owners generally first get a letter of committment from the lending institution that will be providing the permanent financing. The home owner then gets a construction loan that is paid out during the construction process based on progress reports by the builder and inspections by the lender. After the home is built, the permanent loan is taken out and used to pay off the interim financing.

How can I have an energy-efficient home without overspending?

Many utility companies have incentives for building energy-efficient homes. Also, oftentimes money spent on energy saving heating and cooling systems result in much lower operating costs, leaving more money in the family budget for the actual cost of the home.

What kind of options do I have when I build my own custom home?

Working with CFS Homes, you may be able to have driveway and landscaping options. Other options include a wide choice on the exterior of the home, e.g., stone, brick, stucco, wood and Cement Fiber (Hardy Plank), roofing (fiberglass and dimensional shingles), and flooring (tile, wood, marble, vinyl and carpet). Each choice impacts the overall budget which CFS Homes will manage for you.

The best protection is to deal with an established builder with a solid reputation for quality. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for any prior complaints, and be sure to check with trade references and prior clients of the builder.

Can you supply me with references?

CFS Homes would be happy to supply you with a list of satisfied customers and trade references.

Can I use plans from another designer, or from a magazine?

You can use plans from many sources when you use CFS Homes. We will review the plans to ensure that they meet local building codes and deed restrictions and are suitable for the Cincinnati climatic conditions. There may be additional charges if the plans need to be modified.

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